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Ding Sticks are a Door Ding Prevention product that prevents Door Dings. They install magnetically to the customer's door in seconds and have a security strap for anti-theft.

As we all know Door Dings are unsightly and fixing them can cost $100-$1000. This price can increase dramatically depending on the dent. Then you have to hassle with taking your car to the shop and waiting for the repairs. Ding Sticks solves that problem for your clients as they will never get a Door Ding again!

Their cars will always look like they just came off the lot. This will give them a better Trade-in value when they come to get their next car from you. The best part about Ding Sticks is each stick is printed with your logo. Your customer is reminded every day of you and your service. The sticks are also great advertising for anyone that parks next to them. They will last for years and keep protecting your client's vehicle while continually being advertisements for you. In the last 9 years since I invented the product, I can't even count how many people have stopped me in a parking lot to ask what they are and where they can find them.

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