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 Prevent the Dent


Ding Sticks are a Door Ding Prevention Product that Installs in Seconds magnetically while you are Parked and you will never have a Door Ding again. Park with Confidence and Prevent the Dent.

  • Prevents Door Dings wherever you Park
  • Keep YOUR Carfax clean
  • Higher Resale Value
  • No unsightly and costly Door Dings
  • Never worry who you park next to Again
  • Installs in Seconds Magnetically
  • Waterproof/Scratch Proof
  • Anti-Theft Strap
  • 4 pieces 2 sets for the price of 1. To 2 sets recommended
  • STOP the Dings Now

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    • Ding sticks
      • 4 PACK
        REG $119.90
    • Ding sticks
      • 8 PACK 2 CARS
        REG $239.90

Happy customers reviews


Bought my New Ford F150 and I was looking for something to protect my truck. I came across your product. Best $40.00 I spent. 3 months and my car still looks brand new. I will definitely recommend to my friends.


I work in the Financial District and park in a structure every day. After repairing the same ding 3 times and spending over $500. Ding Sticks online and hasn’t gotten once since. So simple but effective. Bought a set for my wife also.

Chase Tampa FL

I use to have to park my car away from all other cars or my husband would get mad at me.

Julie Nashville Tennessee

Perfect Father's day present. He uses four of them every day a lot more than last year's gift.

Julie William Chicago Il